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The Materialist


A person who is markedly more concerned with material things than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values.  

In the everyday sense, the word materialism is used interchangeably with consumerism, a preoccupation with buying and consuming goods. We hear all the time that Western society is vapid and materialistic, meaning that it cares far too much about things, and not enough about spiritual or interpersonal values. But using the word “materialistic” that way implies that the things themselves are what we value most, as though we consumers are connoisseurs of fine handiwork, attention to detail, and inspired design.  

Fashion is seen as frivolous but it's at the heart of contemporary culture.  

In this series accessories are taking the lead, a power struggle starts between the model and its garments. We are playing with the codes of materialism.

Stylist : Veronika Dorosheva
Art director : Laura Knoops
Makeup & Hair : Maha Hoelbling
Model : Shari Streich
Set designer : Zu Kalinowska