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How do we see ourselves? How do we see ourselves through the eyes of someone else? Physically a mirror bounces light off of anything in front of it. However, psychologically, when we look into a mirror we are confronted with more than just our physical appearance. Our emotions and psychological state can alter what we see and create a different view.


Musukkeba Mariama Ndure c/o IZAIO Management @izaio_modelmanagement @iamizaio @mk.ndure
Lara Buettgen c/o Modelwerk @modelwerk @larabuettgen
Karina c/o Tomorrow Is Another Day @tomorrowisanotherday_agency
Chiara Reschenhofer c/o LetItGo Mgmt @letitgomgmt @_kapitel5
Pers Tschöpke c/o LetItGo Mgmt @letitgomgmt @persmastori
Lina Hoss c/o MINT Artists @mintartistmanagement @lina_hoss
Betty Schupp c/o MINT Artists @mintartistmanagement @bettyschupp
Sophia Linnewedel c/o Seeds Model Management @seedsmodels @sophia.linnewedel
Andra Wöllert, Mother Ambrosia Gucci Angels @so.ambrosia

Photographer + creative direction. Arnaud Ele @arnaud.ele
Art direction. Laura Knoops @knoops
Stylist. Sina Braetz @sinabraetz
Stylist assistant. Carolin Desiree Becker @carolindesireebecker
Hair artist. Tony Lundström @tonytarkort
Hair assistant. Aline Jakoby @aline.jakoby
Makeup artist. Servulo @servulo_servullo
Makeup assistant. Dasch Crainiucenco @dasch.c
Set designer. Stefanie Grau @stefanie_grau
Prop stylist. Madeleine Sahl @linasahl
Casting director. Timotej Letonja @timiletonja
Casting assistant.Daniel Estévez @vxeast

Producer. Emma Hughes @emmanmh
Producer assistant. Julia Lee Goodwin @julialeegoodwin
Photographer assistant. Ekka Schoch @ekkasc
Location. Homemade Studio @homemade_studio
Interiors. Mike Klar @herrklar

Video director. Adam Munnings @adammunnings
DOP. Stephan Mühlau @stephan_muehlau
Gaffer. Alfredo La Corte @alfredolacorte
First AD. Kai Chase-Meares @kaichasemeares
Editing. Adam Munnings, Arnaud Ele, Laura Knoops
Color grading. Nadia Khairat @nadia.khairat
Sound. Berg & Dahl Audio
Music. Hannes Bieber x Wolfsrudel Music @hannesbieber21 @wolfsrudelmusic
Voice. Julian Bereznoi @jbereznoi

(Editorial Photography, 2021)